Cheryl Hassen - Surfacing (Fine Art Photography; Rock Artistry)

There is no need to say or hear over and over again, what kind of year it has been. Different for everyone and elements of the same. A common language that begins with words like lockdown. Through it all, so many people have demonstrated the best of humankind. I choose to focus on that. The friendship, the support, the shared understanding and need for a smile, for warmth through whatever means. I know that I talk to my Mom for longer now, on the phone, reducing the distance of those miles between us as best as I can. Speaking is really important. Hugs too, yes, but talking. With fewer social outings, talking to another person for an elderly person is not a given, and so now I talk more. I consciously talk. As a visual artist, I can tend to express myself in other ways. While that’s important too, I am opening up in a new word, forcing out more words, to hold that conversation just that little bit longer.